Longest 305 days to claim $60 million Lotto Max jackpot.

Bon Truong took his time for the longest 305 days to claim $60 million Lotto Max jackpot, two months before the ticket expires.

The Vietnamese landscaper decided to claim his winnings after keeping his ticket in a safety vault for ten months. Truong, a husband and a father of three did not tell his family of his jackpot winnings. He mentioned winning to his wife but did not say that it was the jackpot.

Truong had been buying weekly lottery tickets for nearly 30 years for the same combination of numbers from important dates and family birthdays. It took both persistence and patience before he finally claimed victory. He migrated to Canada in 1983 with nothing and worked as a landscaper same as his brother. He had been living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His niece said that her father and uncle worked hard, played lottery, saved money to buy houses and prepared better lives for their children. She was just happy for them.

The winning numbers are 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20 and 30. He first found out about his winnings on his phone. When he realized that his numbers finally hit the jackpot, he could not really believe it. He then went to the store and asked the clerk to print off the winning numbers. He took it home and stared at the result for hours. The winning ticket was bought in October 2018 at the Pure Casino Yellowhead in Edmonton. It took him ten months before he claimed his winnings because he wanted to think things through on how it will affect his family. He knew it would change a lot of things for them and he wanted to be ready for those changes. His priority is to pay off his mortgages and debts, buy a new house for his family and to travel, though, he does not have any location yet in mind so he said they will try to go everywhere.