Inside Winner won $100,000 Lottery Prize after Enhance Scrutiny Process

Michael Benz, winner of $100,000 Lottery Prize had been cleared on Enhance Security Process. He is a son of a Grimsby OLG retailer and was declared as an ‘inside winner’ by the OLG. Benz’ father is an employee at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Main Street in Grimsby, where ticket was bought.

Benz has cleared a hurdle with watchdogs at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The OLG revealed that Benz completed the first step of an enhanced scrutiny process for prize claims over $10,000 that typically requires two investigations, one from the OLG and another from the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario).

Directors, officers, partners, owners, employees, and their immediate family member are subject to Insider Win Procedures as defined by OLG. The prize payout is held for a minimum of 30 days by the corporation’s inside win process in order to publicize the win and allow any one with concerns to come forward.

Benz, a 33-year old father and an electrician plans on paying debts with his lotto winning. He matched the last six of seven Encore numbers in the June 28, 2019 Lotto Max draw. He said that it was unexpected. He scanned the ticket himself at the store to find out that he had won.