Formule Groupe of 20 from Quebec shared $50 million Lotto Max jackpot prize!

Lotto Max has been hit by Formule Groupe of 20 from Quebec who shared the %50 million jackpot prize. The new millionaires were a mix of friends, family and strangers. Most of them are from South Shore and one from Montreal. As of the time winners were asked to introduce themselves to public, one winner was yet to show up.

Each winner will get $2.5 million each as the jackpot is divided into 20 ways. This was the draw from May 3, 2019. Some of the plans from the winners include renovations, travel to Greece and college tuition.

These are the winners from the Formula Groupe:

André and Carmen Bessette; Marie-Jeanne Cabana and Jean-Eudes, Nathalie and Lucie Gaudreault; Jean-Guy Demontigny and Claudette Bisaillon Demontigny; Jean Dussault; Bernard Lamarche and Anna Vincent; Jacques Laroche and Marie-Paule Savard Laroche; Denise Leblond Gauthier and Maurice, Martine and Martin L. Gauthier; Gisèle Mailhot Bousquet; Guy Sauvé; Albert J., Denise, Martine and Daniel Thériault; and Denise Vadeboncoeur Schwartz; Roger Émond;Johanne Vincent; Josée Frappie; Francine Robichaud; André Hardy; Natran Dinh; Chi Shing Man; Normand Chevrier; Daniel Rivard. The Formula Groupe option was from a kiosk on Brossard’s Champlain Mall managed by the Association québécoise de l’épilepsie. The non-profit organization will collect $500,000 as part of the win. Formule Groupe allows family, friends and even perfect strangers to buy shares of a ticket. A 20-person Formule Group automatically improves the odds of winnings.