Ex-husband claims half of Lotto Max prize

Ex-husband claims half of Lotto Max prize turned futile after court decision.

The largest lottery jackpot in Alberta history was won by the couple Brett McCoy and Robin Walker. It was on September 2017 when Brett McCoy won the $60 million dollar which he shared half with his girlfriend, Robin Walker.

Lonnie Roth, Walker’s ex-husband demanded half of the $30 million that she received and he wanted it transferred into a secure trust. It was decided not to grant Roth a preservation order by Justice D.A. Sulyma because there was no evidence that the assets were being moved offshore or that court process was being defied. “I conclude that Mr. Roth has not made out his case for a preservation order or advance costs. I dismiss the application with costs.”

Roth also demanded Walker to pay for $200,000 in legal fees which the judge exempted Walker from.

Roth and Walker had nine years of marriage before they separated in October 2009 and were still legally married at the time of the lottery win, according to court documents. Statement of Claim for Divorce and Division of Property was issued by Walker in November 2009. High conflict litigation occurred until April 2012 based on Court documents.

Judge ruled the couple could keep their winnings.