Formula Group strikes $60 Million

Formula Group strikes $60 Million. Ten Centre-du-Québec residents who do not know each other had split the $60,000,000 million jackpot giving each an awesome $6,000,000 million share. Quebec has been sweeping big jackpots, garnering a total of four times in the past 18 months. On June 8, 2018.

The following winners are as follows and their reactions, plans and actions after winning the jackpot.

* France Bergeron Savoie is planning to buy a tractor.

* Angèle Cusson is still in the state of disbelief.

* Daniel Devin and Chantale Roy plan to enjoy life with their children. A dream came true for Chantale who aimed to be a millionaire before the age of 40.

* André Gauthier made a prank with his children telling them about funeral arrangements, surprising them. He plans to live a good life with his family.

* Gilles Giguère is planning to buy a new car, a very expensive one.

* André Goupil and Denise Bolduc are planning on a good life, pampering themselves and travelling. Denise Bolduc was very happy after hearing the good news. Denise joked with the cashier after validating ter ticket that if she passes out, call an ambulance.

* Christiane Picotin is planning on renovations. She shared the good news to her son, daughter and family after finding out about the big win.

* Daniel Robitaille and Louise Garneau are planning to go on travelling with pleasure going to places as Europe will be their frist destination.

* Céline Mailhot and Sylvain Cusson, together with their daughters Vicky and Anick are planning on spending quality time together.

* There is one more share left unclaimed.

The claiming of prizes was held in Drummondville where the new multimillionaires celebrated together in a festive meeting.

A Big Win for Mississaugans

The $15,542,241.70 jackpot winnings from the March 23, 2018 Lotto Max draw was shared by a group of 12. Five of them are from Mississaugans, indeed a big win for Mississaugans.

At Terra Foodmart on Dundas Street in Mississauga was where the winning ticket has been purchased.

The group claimed their prize at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto more than a month after the draw date.

The winners are the following:

Wei Zhang
Guoxiang Xiong
Shu Liu
Yi En (Mississauga)
Yu Ping Wang (Mississauga)
Pin He (Scarborough)
Lixia Chen (Scarborough)
Xingiao Liu (Richmond Hill)
Hongbin Zhang (Richmond Hill)
Hanwen Wang (Vaughan)
Jinan Gu (North York)
Xiao Shen (Toronto)

$32 million richer 40 year-married couple

$32 million richer 40 year-married couple finally beat the odds.

A whopping $32 million Lotto max jackpot prize was sold at Real Canadian Superstore on Weston Road.

Howard MacDonald and Susan Boddington, a Toronto couple who have been married for 40 years and with two daughters and one son, finally beat the odds of playing the lottery. MacDonald said that they had been playing the lottery for years and that they enjoy playing Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 with Encore.

$32 million richer 40 year-married couple after winning the Lotto max draw on March 9, 2018, Macdonald said that they will take it slow but plans to buy a house and take a few trips. After claiming the winnings at the OLG Prize Centre, he also said that the winnings means financial security for them and their family.

The day after the Lottery drawing on March 9, he decided to check his ticket online. And, when his wife came down to the kitchen and asked him why he was up early, he had an awesome answer “Winning the Lottery!”

Susan Boddington said in a cheerful mood that the future looks bright, so bright that Howard has to wear sun glasses.

Friday the 13th $60 million jackpot luck!

A close-knit group of five friends who spent 10 years of playing lotto max together by taking turns buying ticket had finally hit the jackpot. It was more than what they had dreamed of. One of them had always thought that they would win but never expected to win a big $60 million jackpot prize.

Friday the 13th $60 million jackpot luck! This group of friends, former colleagues, IT professionals and with four of them working for Payments Canada are Bryan Redman of Ottawa, Stephane Dionne of Embrun, Ont., Christopher Beazley of Carleton Place, Ont., Gilles Dionne and Norman MacDonald, both of Gatineau, Que., — won the jackpot for the OLG Lotto Max draw. They are all married and with nine children between them.

It was Bryan Redman’s to buy the ticket at the time which he almost forgot doing so and nonchalantly threw the ticket in his drawer. By the next day, checking the numbers on his phone, he freaked out and he could not believe the result he saw and so he prantically ran to the gas station to check the ticket on the little ticker and was dumdfounded called his friends to share the great news.

Gilles Dionne was the first one who answered and thought his friend was pulling a prank and told him that he would not believe until he check the numbers himself but began crying.

All five of them went to a gas station in Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa, Canada to confirm their winning tickets. As the shocked attendant was taken aback in awe, all five of them couldn’t control their smiling faces and shrieked with glee as the winning ticket was confirmed to them. It was a heart-stopping moment as had been caught in a video footage in the gas station.

All the winners agreed that they will try to be smart in their winnings, take their time on planning the things that they want to do. They had seen past winners with horror stories and they do not want to end up like those. They are reminded to stay humble and remember where they came from with the strength of the group being close together and being humble to each other. In spite of their superb luck, they said that they will not be retiring yet.

31 Newfoundlanders – $60 Million richer!

31 Newfoundlanders – $60 Million richer!
Lotto Max jackpot winning ticket for $60M on February 23, 2018 was won somewhere in Newfoundland and Labrador, the biggest ever jackpot won in Atlantic Canada.

There are 31 winners, all Come By Chance workers including husband and wife, father and son and identical twin brothers. These people are also members of the Boilermakers Local 203 trade union.

The cheque awarding ceremony was held on a Wednesday afternoon at the Convention Centre in St. John’s. 31 Newfoundlanders are $1.9 million richer each!

Five of the winners retired immediately after confirming that they indeed won $1.9 million each. One of them is Eugene Lewis who checked the ticket numbers the morning after the draw. He was one of the first to learn about the win. He said, “It means a happy ending to my life, and then my kids will be looked after, and have a little few things that I could never afford to have.”

On an interview, Eugene Lewis also said that the lottery win seems surreal. He woke that morning and thought it was just a joke. It was hard for him to belive it.”When I woke up that morning, I just thought it was a joke,” he said. “I couldn’t really believe it.”

Twenty-six are going to return to work at the refinery, including Lee Hickey who said, “Before we had the money and stuff, each day you get up to go to work with the team we had in there, you enjoy going to work,so now it just makes the enjoyment a little bit more.”

Southern Harbour’s Dustin Flight, one of the winners, said that this is not the first time he won from a lottery draw. He won $4,500 in a 50/50 draw in the year 2017 among employees of the Come By Chance refinery, which supported the family of a child diagnosed with cancer.

But instead of keeping the prize he won, he gave it all to the mother who had to move across the island and live in the Ronald McDonald house for her son to have a chance to survive. Dustin felt that the family needs the money more than he did.

Of the 31 winners, eight live in Avondale, and three live on the same street.

Sheery Moore and her husband who both won will bring challenges, too. She said, “I think all the attention and people calling, you know, just social media and stuff, I’ve never been a millionaire before, what do you do?