$26 million richer grandparents to share millions with children and grandchildren.

Gerry and Helen Phillips are grandparents to share their $26 million to their children and grandchildren. They started to play Lotto in the 1970’s and a little less than 50 years since playing, they finally hit the jackpot that will secure their future and even their grandchildren’s. They got all seven numbers from the August 6, 2019 draw: 19, 22, 28, 30, 36, 38, 39.

Another story of winning prize which had been used to buy another ticket that gave millions back. Gerry almost did not buy the winning ticket because the jackpot prize was not $50 million. Nevertheless, he opted to get a lucky pick after winning 2 free plays on another ticket. Gerry bought the winning ticket at the Shoppers Drug Mart on First Avenue in St. Thomas after his wife sent him out to buy milk and bread for their grandkids. He let the computer pick the numbers. When he looked at it, he didn’t like his chances — he usually played family birthdays. “There’s no way I would have picked that,” he said. “It’s all luck, there’s no skill involved.”

Gerry went out for breakfast with some of his grandchildren and passed by an OLG ticket checker, so he was reminded to check the ticket. When he saw the winnings on the checker, he thought he won $260,000. He double checked the ticket on his table when he got home and showed it to his wife. The couple were very ecstatic seeing ‘Congratulations, 26 million dollars!”

Helen was thankful thinking that their future, retirement and children, and everything else were going to be okay. They do not know exactly know what to do with their winnings. They will take 6 months to plan with the help of advisers and they will have a bucket list. Some of the plans they have are taking a cruise on February of next year, starting a foundation in honor of their dead son, David who was tragically taken from them after getting hit by a drunk driver 20 years ago, Helen retiring as a nurse, Gerry adding and updating his workshop, renovating their house, and best of all is securing their grandchildren’s education.

“Family is always a big priority in our life for us. Of course, we’ll be sharing it,” Helen said.

Formule Groupe of 20 from Quebec shared $50 million Lotto Max jackpot prize!

Lotto Max has been hit by Formule Groupe of 20 from Quebec who shared the %50 million jackpot prize. The new millionaires were a mix of friends, family and strangers. Most of them are from South Shore and one from Montreal. As of the time winners were asked to introduce themselves to public, one winner was yet to show up.

Each winner will get $2.5 million each as the jackpot is divided into 20 ways. This was the draw from May 3, 2019. Some of the plans from the winners include renovations, travel to Greece and college tuition.

These are the winners from the Formula Groupe:

André and Carmen Bessette; Marie-Jeanne Cabana and Jean-Eudes, Nathalie and Lucie Gaudreault; Jean-Guy Demontigny and Claudette Bisaillon Demontigny; Jean Dussault; Bernard Lamarche and Anna Vincent; Jacques Laroche and Marie-Paule Savard Laroche; Denise Leblond Gauthier and Maurice, Martine and Martin L. Gauthier; Gisèle Mailhot Bousquet; Guy Sauvé; Albert J., Denise, Martine and Daniel Thériault; and Denise Vadeboncoeur Schwartz; Roger Émond;Johanne Vincent; Josée Frappie; Francine Robichaud; André Hardy; Natran Dinh; Chi Shing Man; Normand Chevrier; Daniel Rivard. The Formula Groupe option was from a kiosk on Brossard’s Champlain Mall managed by the Association québécoise de l’épilepsie. The non-profit organization will collect $500,000 as part of the win. Formule Groupe allows family, friends and even perfect strangers to buy shares of a ticket. A 20-person Formule Group automatically improves the odds of winnings.

Lotto Max millionaires, not just once but twice!

Two years ago, on January 2017, the Lanteri couple had won $1 million in the lottery. This was then shared to their two children, Salvatore and Jane. With a strong blessing, they had been luckier to win the highest Lotto Max jackpot prize of $65 million on June 2019. The winning ticket is from a ‘Free Play’ through Québec Max, to which Giuseppa decided to add Lotto Max and Extra. This add-on brought about the historical biggest winning.

On Monday, right after winning the biggest jackpot ever drawn in Canada, the Lanteri family were presented a cheque by Loto-Québec. When $1 million winning was shared by 4, $65 millions, had been divided between 8 family members.

The winning ticket was bought at Dépanneur Springland. The Ville-Émard dépanneur owner, Martine Guérin, received 1% of the winnings which is an awesome $650,000 as commission. Guérin plans on investing more in her business and to spoil herself, too.

The family plans to travel in Italy and Mauritius. They also plan on buying a new house in the same neighborhood they had been living for the past 50 years. The couple said that they are happy to provide for their kids.

A Friday Lotto Max winning prize of $20 was used to buy the winning ticket of $20 million jackpot on Tuesday draw!

Ken and Susan Salter, retired couple, got double lucky, using a Friday Lotto Max winning prize of $20 which brought them winning ticket of $20 million jackpot on Tuesday draw! This couple who had been regularly buying Friday Lotto Max ticket only had the urge to buy ticket from Tuesday draw because they had won a mere $20 from the previous Friday draw. The October 29 Lotto Max draw gave them a whopping $20 million jackpot prize.

The winning ticket was validated at the Tyhee Market in Telkwa. Cindy and Katie Savage, mother and daughter, are co-owners of the market. Katie knows Ken as he is a regular ticket buyer on Fridays. When he came, he asked where the winning ticket was bought, and the lotto clerk said it is in the Stikine region. He went to the clerk and said, “you might want to scan this ticket”, smile all over his face not knowing that he was the lucky one. It was during the end of the lunch hour in Oct 31.

When his ticket was scanned, the terminal froze and the clerk panicked, after seeing $20 million, he shouted saying he did not know what to do. They all looked, and Ken was in total disbelief. The long-time Telkwa resident matched all seven numbers to win. The winning numbers were: 10, 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 34 and bonus number 37. Ken just stood shaking like a leaf. The store called BCLC to confirm the win, get the machine unlocked and give Ken all the info he needed to pick up his winnings.

Ken called his wife, Susan. He barely whispered, “We just won $20 million”. There was dead silence before he heard him talk so she thought that something was wrong. Susan took it as a joke at first and was ecstatic after.

The Salter family has no plans of leaving Telkwa, instead they plan on building their dream house on their own property. Ken Salter says it will be a rancher with an island in the kitchen, something Susan has always wanted for baking. The couple also want a games room, a laundry room and a couple of guest rooms. Also, they are excited to take a river cruise in Europe. They will also buy new vehicles for three close friends and pay their mortgages. They have seven children whom they will share their winnings equally. The one thing that will truly change is that they will start to regularly play Lotto every Tuesdays. “That’s what we’re gonna do,” said Ken. ” We just want to have fun.”

Ken said, “Why would you buy a ticket if you didn’t want to win. But you never really believe that. And when it happens, it’s surreal.”

$65 million biggest Lotto Max jackpot in Alberta history and ties up with the largest Lotto Max winning in Canada.

Tai Trinh won the $65 million biggest Lotto Max jackpot in Alberta history and ties up with the largest Lotto Max winning in Canada.

Buying coffee and a Lotto Max ticket from a local shell is a daily routine for the 63-year old Vietnamese. Tai Trinh, was extraordinarily cool in winning the jackpot. He did not tell any of his family and friends and they only found out when he claimed the prize. Unlike most jackpot winners, Trinh has no grand plans on how he will spend his money and said that he will just keep it in the bank for now and get on with his life as is. He admits that the money will indeed make his life easier.

Trinh does not believe in lucky numbers, so the $65 million winning numbers came from a $6 quick pick. The winning numbers from the October 4, 2019 draw are 20, 31, 35, 36, 39, 42, and 44. He is the 200th winner from the Prairies and Territories to be made a millionaire by Lotto Max since the game launched in 2009. His winnings ended a 6-year dry spell in Calgary, with the last major jackpot winning of $40 million was won on May 2013. Trinh was one of the Vietnamese people who came to Canada in 1980. Another Vietnamese just recently claimed a $60 million jackpot winnings from October of last year’s draw had also migrated to Canada in the 1980’s.