$1,000 a week for life won through mobile app

Jason Bernier won $1,000 a week for life through mobile app. Upon finding out that he had won, he was stunned but quickly after that he panicked because after he pressed a wrong button, the screen froze. He was afraid that he may have lost his winnings so immediately called Loto-Québec and he was delighted when the representative confirmed his win.

Bernier, a man on his thirties from Montréal, started using the mobile app by registering on a few years back. This happened after his mother won a prize of $4,000.

He won with three identical symbols on Game 5 of the Gagnant à vie lottery using the Lotteries mobile app. A guaranteed financial future for a lifetime has been secured for Jason. He plans to buy a new car as his first goal.

All throughout Canada, operators had pushed mobile lottery games in order to lure young and tech-savvy players. Nowadays, mobile technology has already become exceptionally popular.

A reminder to claim two Lotto Max jackpots won a year ago.

Loto-Québec sent a reminder to claim two Lotto Max jackpots which had been won a year ago. There is a $1-million jackpot sold in Terrebonne and a $333,333 Lotto Max ticket sold in Levis one year ago.

Loto Québec gives ticket-holders a year to claim their jackpots. Failure to do so would mean that those winnings will be steered back into the jackpot pool and are used for bonus prizes or special draws.

More on unclaimed prizes, a $500,000 Lotto Max winning ticket sold in Quebec City last year must be cashed in by Nov 30, and a $250,000 6/49 ticket sold in Joliette must be cashed in by Dec 1.

As of this time, three other $1 million jackpot winning tickets bought between June and July of this year have also gone unclaimed.

Inside Winner won $100,000 Lottery Prize after Enhance Scrutiny Process

Michael Benz, winner of $100,000 Lottery Prize had been cleared on Enhance Security Process. He is a son of a Grimsby OLG retailer and was declared as an ‘inside winner’ by the OLG. Benz’ father is an employee at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Main Street in Grimsby, where ticket was bought.

Benz has cleared a hurdle with watchdogs at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The OLG revealed that Benz completed the first step of an enhanced scrutiny process for prize claims over $10,000 that typically requires two investigations, one from the OLG and another from the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario).

Directors, officers, partners, owners, employees, and their immediate family member are subject to Insider Win Procedures as defined by OLG. The prize payout is held for a minimum of 30 days by the corporation’s inside win process in order to publicize the win and allow any one with concerns to come forward.

Benz, a 33-year old father and an electrician plans on paying debts with his lotto winning. He matched the last six of seven Encore numbers in the June 28, 2019 Lotto Max draw. He said that it was unexpected. He scanned the ticket himself at the store to find out that he had won.

One full year and unclaimed prizes for winning tickets expire.

BCLC gives one full year from draw date for winners to claim their prizes. After this, the tickets will expire and winners are no longer winners.

From the last 10 years, it has been reported that more than $20M lottery prizes had expired. BCLC exerts effort in trying to reach to winners who have unclaimed tickets. In an attempt to save an expiring $1 million winning ticket that was to expire last January, BCLC went to media. The winning ticket was bought from Victoria, B.C area. Unfortunately, this was not claimed and is now a fraction of the $20M expired prizes. Most of unclaimed prizes are in small amounts and it is very seldom for winnings from $10,000 and up to expire.

As of this time, unclaimed winnings include two tickets that are worth more than $350,000 combined. These winnings are from Lotto Max ticket which is more than $100,000 and the other one is a Lotto 6/49 which is more than $250,000, both tickets were purchased from Richmond.

BCLC announces winning tickets based on the location where it was bought. And, it usually helps in calling the attention of the winners to check their tickets. Moreover, BCLC uses the media to make announcements for when unclaimed prizes are set to expire.

The expired prizes from national games are returned back into the prize pool and are used to support their promotions. On the other hand, expired prizes from regional games are given to the government.

Retailers get awesome perks from BCLC!

BCLC had come out with awesome perks for retailers who are both good in selling tickets and lucky in selling winnings tickets. This is their way to motivate retailers to sell as many lottery tickets as they can. There are commissions, bonuses and prizes that had been given out. This may be a problem for gambling addicts however, the government profits from BCCLC when it was provided with #1.4 billion last year and which expected to be more than this amount for this year following increase of sales from retailers.

On September 3 of this year, Verna Holmes, owner of Seafair Smoke & Mixer at Seafair Shopping Centre from Richmond was presented a big mock check for $60,000 by the British Columbia Lottery Corp. because this is where the $60-million winning Lotto Max ticket won by fisherman Joseph Katalinic had been bought. It was the largest lottery win in B.C. history. Though, the clerk who sold winning tickets are not given special incentive.

In order to qualify for the incentives, each retailer must sign a contract with BCLC to set out their roles, responsibilities and compensation.

The list of compensations are as follows:

A. Sales

5%                          – Total lottery tickets sold.

0.5%                      – Bonus for $125,000 worth of sold tickets in a year.

2.5%                      – Bonus for more than $1.5 million worth of sold tickets in a year.

$500                       – Bonus for $25,000 sales bump from last year’s sale.

$750                       – Bonus for $50,000 sales bump from last year’s sale.

$1,000                   – Bonus for $75,000 sales bump from last year’s sale.

$1,250                   – Bonus for $100,000 sales bump from last year’s sale.

B. Winning Tickets

$60,000                – Sold $60-million winning ticket

0.1%                      – Sold $2 million and up winning ticket

$2,000                   – Between $1 million and $1,999,999.99 winning ticket

$1,000                   – Between $500,000 and $999,999.99 winning ticket

$500                       – Between $100,000 and $499,999.99 winning ticket

$250                       – Between $10,000 and 99,999.99 winning ticket

1%                          – Commission on winning ticket validation

In the instance that store owner changed, the sales incentive will be prorated.

BCLC campaign towards generating more sales will indeed be effective because it will be a win-win situation for both BCLC and retailers. 2019 lottery profit will then be good for the government.