$1 million shared winnings by two sisters and a friend in Leduc.

A group of sisters and a friend won $1 million prize from Lotto 6/49 in the November 2, 2019 draw.

Della Schneider of Parkland County, her sister Roberta Schneider of Crofton, B.C., together with their friend Sharon Besler-Rahmoun of Leduc won the $1-million prize.

Della, who always purchased Lotto Max ticket said that they always play Lotto Max together. The ticket was bought in Leduc Town Petro Canada on 50 Avenue and by accident, instead of Lotto Max, a 6/49 ticket was bought instead.

When Della shared the good news to her sister, she did not believe her and said that she may not be wearing her glasses.

The three winners plan to travel in the near future, pay off debts and invest in home renovations.

Two friends from Guelph to share Lotto Max second prize.

Lotto Max second prize winning of $107,673.40 from the November 22, 2019 draw is shared by two friends – William Zinger of Guelph and Jennipher Moser of Kitchener.

The winning ticket was checked through OLG Lottery App and was discovered to match six numbers plus the bonus number to win the prize.

Jennipher who is a married mother of one said that she was shocked and that winning is surreal and unimaginable. Her plan is to put her winnings aside for a rainy day.

The winning ticket was purchased at Zehrs on Paisley Road in Guelph.

$1 Million Maxmillions prize shared by two Simcoe County co-workers.

Two workers from Simcoe County share $1 million Maxmillion prize winning from the October 4, 2019 draw.

Jonathan Brown of Severn and Steven Lepard of Orillia are co-workers and who are both very surprised to win the Maxmillion. They were both stunned and the win made them feel great.

The winning ticket was purchased at the West Convenience Store on West Street in Orillia.