A retired fisherman from Richmond man has won the largest lottery prize in B.C. history.

A Richmond man has won the largest lottery prize in B.C. history. He is a retired fisherman who won the $60 million Lotto Max jackpot on the July 26, 2019 draw. Joseph Katalinic, retired for 20 years, plans to live like a king after winning the jackpot. Katalinic’s quick pick matched all seven winning numbers which turned out to be the largest prize won in B.C. history. This beats the three $50 million Lotto Max winners before. He said that he usually picks his own numbers but on that winning day, he added a quick pick on his purchase.

He purchased the ticket at the Seafair Smoke Shop and it was there that he scanned it to check. He thought it couldn’t be true. He felt excited and even went to two 7-elevens to make sure that it was real. When he saw 60, he said he went nuts and he was walking around like a wild dog, just crazy. He celebrated with a shot of whisky because he needed it.

The first one to hear the good news was his elder daughter who then relayed the message to her husband. Then, Katalinic told his younger daughter. The family was full or emotions after hearing the great fortune they won.

Katalinic was born in Flin Flon, Man., but lived most of his life in Richmond, which he calls his home. He had been a fisherman since he was 16 years old after he quit school. It was a seven-man crew out of Steveston, he said. After winning, he plans to travel with family and visit Europe where his parents were born. He really has no grand plans with the winning money so he will take it easy for a while.

He waited nearly a month to claim the prize. The ticket was kept in a safe-deposit box at his bank and went on with his life. Prior to winning, he had a knee operation, then, the other knee is bothering him now. Also, his sister died on August 17, after him winning the jackpot. Katalinic said that there was more going on in his mind other than the $60 million.