A new Canadian millionaire claimed $55 million after 2 months of winning!

Dwayne Williams is the new Canadian millionaire who waited for 2 months before claiming his prize. This technology entrepreneur purchased his ticket at CNIB Lottery Kiosk in Walmart on Baldwin St. in Whitby. Like a tradition, when jackpot prize reaches $25 million, they will buy ticket on Friday and check the ticket first thing in the morning, However, on the day after his winning ticket was drawn, he and his family had been busy with shopping errands that they failed to check the ticket first thing in the morning.

On the radio, while driving, they heard that a ticket holder from Oshawa area had won the jackpot, he and his wife joked about them winning it, not having a single idea that it was really them. At home, Dwayne checked his ticket on the online app together with his brother. And, to their surprise, there was the number 55 which he thought gave him $55,000. “Did someone hack the OLG app?”, William thought of this. After counting all zeros, Williams screamed and ran upstairs to his wife. He then fell on the floor after sharing the good news. The family all filed up on top of each other on the floor laughing on their good fortune.

Williams, 35 years old and a father of two said it was life changing event and wanted to think through the process, prepare for the future and learn how to be rich. He plans to invest in his business, buy a peppy, fast luxury car and travel to Europe and experience culture, castles and museums. However, Williams will continue to work as it is important for their kids to see their father participating in normal routines, being productive and giving back. His family came from Caribbean and had been living in Durham for a decade since moving to Canada.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” Williams said. “It’s happy, it’s joy, it’s looking forward to the future and thinking about just all the things that I can responsibly do for my family.”

He said, “I was in disbelief; it was just such an amazing, overwhelming feeling,” recalling all the times he entered raffles and draws throughout his life but was never successful.

Dwayne Williams of Whitby dropped by the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto Thursday morning to claim his whopping $55-million prize.