A Friday Lotto Max winning prize of $20 was used to buy the winning ticket of $20 million jackpot on Tuesday draw!

Ken and Susan Salter, retired couple, got double lucky, using a Friday Lotto Max winning prize of $20 which brought them winning ticket of $20 million jackpot on Tuesday draw! This couple who had been regularly buying Friday Lotto Max ticket only had the urge to buy ticket from Tuesday draw because they had won a mere $20 from the previous Friday draw. The October 29 Lotto Max draw gave them a whopping $20 million jackpot prize.

The winning ticket was validated at the Tyhee Market in Telkwa. Cindy and Katie Savage, mother and daughter, are co-owners of the market. Katie knows Ken as he is a regular ticket buyer on Fridays. When he came, he asked where the winning ticket was bought, and the lotto clerk said it is in the Stikine region. He went to the clerk and said, “you might want to scan this ticket”, smile all over his face not knowing that he was the lucky one. It was during the end of the lunch hour in Oct 31.

When his ticket was scanned, the terminal froze and the clerk panicked, after seeing $20 million, he shouted saying he did not know what to do. They all looked, and Ken was in total disbelief. The long-time Telkwa resident matched all seven numbers to win. The winning numbers were: 10, 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 34 and bonus number 37. Ken just stood shaking like a leaf. The store called BCLC to confirm the win, get the machine unlocked and give Ken all the info he needed to pick up his winnings.

Ken called his wife, Susan. He barely whispered, “We just won $20 million”. There was dead silence before he heard him talk so she thought that something was wrong. Susan took it as a joke at first and was ecstatic after.

The Salter family has no plans of leaving Telkwa, instead they plan on building their dream house on their own property. Ken Salter says it will be a rancher with an island in the kitchen, something Susan has always wanted for baking. The couple also want a games room, a laundry room and a couple of guest rooms. Also, they are excited to take a river cruise in Europe. They will also buy new vehicles for three close friends and pay their mortgages. They have seven children whom they will share their winnings equally. The one thing that will truly change is that they will start to regularly play Lotto every Tuesdays. “That’s what we’re gonna do,” said Ken. ” We just want to have fun.”

Ken said, “Why would you buy a ticket if you didn’t want to win. But you never really believe that. And when it happens, it’s surreal.”