A $6 Quick Pick Turned to $25.9 Million Lotto Max Jackpot for a Merritt couple.

A couple from Merritt had a big hit of $25.9 Million Lotto Max Jackpot by buying a $6 quick pick. George Munro and Rowena Inyallie purchased a Lotto max ticket in Shah’s Courtesy Corner Store in Lower Nicola. Buying cranberry juice and chocolate bars following a hard day’s work at Drillwell Enterprises (a contractor at Highland Valley Copper), the ticket was not on the list of the things he will buy. However, the clerk asked him if he wanted one and he looked back at the clerk for a second and he said that he liked one. The winning ticket was from the February 22, 2019 draw with all 7 matching numbers: 6, 31, 33, 34, 43, 44 and 46.

Munro ended up with 2 tickets on that day and checked them the day after. He said. “I always say quick pick. Luck of the draw”, with all his previous winnings were nothing more than $20. The first ticket brought about the message “Sorry, not a winner” but the second ticket shocked him and he shouted, “Holy cow, I think I won 25,000 bucks”. And, he was happy with it already. He scanned it again and he saw that it was more than $25,000 bucks. At that time, Munro was at the Adelphi Hotel and his wife was at a bank. When they met and he told her about it, she would not believe him also. The couple were all smiles when they were presented a giant check, with employees and media gathered at BC Lottery Corporation headquarters in Kamloops.

Their family with two children on their 20’s and two grandchildren together with their friends, celebrated a big house party on that weekend. George Munrov (39 years old) and Rowena Inyallie (46 years old) said they felt they were walking on clouds and that it changed their lives hugely.

Munro claimed that the winning came at a perfect time because he will not be able to work for another 20 years on a physically demanding job at Drillwell. But, he was willing to stay until a replacement had been found. He owed his company for hiring him when he was having a hard time in 2016.

The couple plans to share their blessings to family and friends who had always been around them but they did not mention who they are because these people know themselves. They also started using the money to buy their dream cars – Ford F350 and Ford Mustang Shelby saying Munro had always wanted a sports car. Without any plans of moving town, they look forward on renovating their house and buying some properties with the help of financial advisors.

The store where they bought the winning ticket received $2,000 prize which is just timely because it had been recently robbed. It had also became a lucky charm when Mitchell Shuter won more than $11 million in 2013 with a Lotto 6/49 ticket.