$26 million richer grandparents to share millions with children and grandchildren.

Gerry and Helen Phillips are grandparents to share their $26 million to their children and grandchildren. They started to play Lotto in the 1970’s and a little less than 50 years since playing, they finally hit the jackpot that will secure their future and even their grandchildren’s. They got all seven numbers from the August 6, 2019 draw: 19, 22, 28, 30, 36, 38, 39.

Another story of winning prize which had been used to buy another ticket that gave millions back. Gerry almost did not buy the winning ticket because the jackpot prize was not $50 million. Nevertheless, he opted to get a lucky pick after winning 2 free plays on another ticket. Gerry bought the winning ticket at the Shoppers Drug Mart on First Avenue in St. Thomas after his wife sent him out to buy milk and bread for their grandkids. He let the computer pick the numbers. When he looked at it, he didn’t like his chances — he usually played family birthdays. “There’s no way I would have picked that,” he said. “It’s all luck, there’s no skill involved.”

Gerry went out for breakfast with some of his grandchildren and passed by an OLG ticket checker, so he was reminded to check the ticket. When he saw the winnings on the checker, he thought he won $260,000. He double checked the ticket on his table when he got home and showed it to his wife. The couple were very ecstatic seeing ‘Congratulations, 26 million dollars!”

Helen was thankful thinking that their future, retirement and children, and everything else were going to be okay. They do not know exactly know what to do with their winnings. They will take 6 months to plan with the help of advisers and they will have a bucket list. Some of the plans they have are taking a cruise on February of next year, starting a foundation in honor of their dead son, David who was tragically taken from them after getting hit by a drunk driver 20 years ago, Helen retiring as a nurse, Gerry adding and updating his workshop, renovating their house, and best of all is securing their grandchildren’s education.

“Family is always a big priority in our life for us. Of course, we’ll be sharing it,” Helen said.