$10 million Lotto Max jackpot won in Vancouver.

$10 million Lotto Max jackpot had been won in Vancouver. James Russell matched all seven numbers from the October 29, 2019 draw. He is the second British Columbian who won an 8-digit prize within the last two weeks.

Russell purchased his winning ticket after his regular walk in the park with his dogs. When he found out he had won, he doubles, and triple checked the numbers, but they did not change. He was quite shocked, but he said that he will get used to it.

He will be treating friends for dinner who came to visit him. He claimed not to be a material guy so instead of buying a luxury car which does not need his money anyway, he prefers to travel. He likes to visit Monet’s garden outside Paris and take a bike trip through Western Ireland. Though, he has no plans to take off anytime soon. He also wants to share his money to a non-profit organization.